Vision and Mission


The vision of Community Links High School is 100% high school and post-secondary graduation.


The mission of Community Links High School is to promote quality education and inspire each student to reach his/her fullest potential as a productive citizen and active community member by forging a partnership between students, faculty, staff, parents, and community members.

The mission has a number of supporting points:
  • To foster and nurture strong ties to the community through student-centered initiatives
  • To cultivate and nurture a culture of “Si Se Puede” (It can be done) enabling students, parents, teachers, administrators and staff to make valuable contributions to the school environment or culture
  • To provide an academically challenging curriculum aligned to the Illinois State Learning Standards
  • To utilize assessment data to develop a curriculum that promotes student achievement
  • To provide students a socially equitable, democratic and fair environment
  • To develop a community of life-long learners.
  • To respect and appreciate the different learning styles of individual students
  • To differentiate instruction by utilizing a variety of research-based instructional strategies
  • To provide quality professional development to teachers on research-based instructional strategies which maximize student achievement
  • To utilize technology to support the curriculum and develop a knowledge of technology in the workplace