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IR English 1

Junior English

Ms. Rocque


Call Sat 10am-1pm, Sun 5pm-9pm

Course Description:  This course increases reading, writing, and speaking skills required to advance in high school, work settings and/or college settings. Students will read two pieces of literature, create a power point, write a five paragraph paper, and take part in advanced discussions.

Course Agenda and Direction:    Units that will be covered this year.

 Full Year Outline

Unit 1: A Long Way from Chicago (Literature)

Unit 2: Expository Writing (Research Power Point/ Informational Text)

Unit 3: Speaking and Review (Current Articles/ Discussion)

Unit 4: The Giver (Literature)

Unit 5: Persuasive Writing (Paper/ Informational Text)

Assessment Types:    
May include the following:  announced quizzes, surprise quizzes, tests, quarterly exams, projects, essays, and presentations.

Grading Scale and Policy:

Points shall be awarded for quizzes, exams, class work, self-grading for week and participation.  This is a mastery based class so that students have multiple opportunities to increase their grades with extra work and studying. Letter grades will be used for reporting to parents/guardians for each marking period. There will be little to no homework. Letter grades will be based on the board mandated scale:

Percentages of Grades


5% College Readiness Exams

25% Tests and Quizzes

25% In Class Assignments/ Participation/ Attendance

10% Homework

35% Papers/ Presentations/ Discussions


Materials: Many of the materials will be provided by the school. You will be required to provide a large (2in) binder with five dividers. Students will be asked to give $5. This money will be recorded for other supplies. Each time a student needs more materials from the teacher money will be removed from this amount ($.30 pen/pencil, .50 highlighter, 1.00 notebook, 1.00 dividers, .50 eraser). Any money left at the end of the semester will be spent on classroom events.


Attendance Policy:

MAKE-UP WORK:  It is the responsibility of the student to manage his or her make-up work.  You must get the assignments, take the make-up tests etc.  Do not expect your teachers to automatically inform you and schedule your make-up work. 

1.      Excused Absences: With regard to make-up work, an excused absence permits the students to make up the work for credit. Chronic absence on test days, or days when major assignments are due, may disallow the student from make-up opportunities.

2.      Unexcused Absences: Students are not allowed to make up assignments which are missed due to unexcused absences. Student absences from the classroom due to suspension out-of-school are considered excused if and only if they or a parent comes to get make-up work during or before the suspension time.

3.      In-School Suspension: Students assigned an in-school suspension may make up work. However, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain such make-up work from classroom teachers, and it is then due on the next day the student is back in class. Failure to follow this procedure, or failure to turn in work upon return to class, will result in a failing grade being assigned for the missed work.

Behavior: Complaining and negative attitude will not be tolerated. Students are allowed 1 day a semester of time outs (time they can put their head down and relax). Students will fill out a behavior report at the end of each week to track their progress towards their goals. Classroom rules include: No Winning; Stay On-task the Entire Period; No I Can’t Statements; No Copying; 3 Water/Bathroom passes per student per semester School behavior codes will be followed and students will be expected to carry themselves with respect and curiosity.

This syllabus is a tenative outline of this course and may be changed as deemed necessary by the instructor.


I, ____________________________, have read and agree to the syllabus outline for this class.


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