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Foundational Writing

This course is designed to ensure that all seniors are ready to read and write at a college level by the end of the school year.  Most college courses require substantial amounts of reading and writing, no matter what the subject area.  This course will focus on the literacy skills that third year students need in order to become successful college students.  We will achieve this through reading strategies, practicing various kinds of note-taking, practicing ACT skills, and fine-tuning writing abilities.  By the end of the year, each student will be able to read and write at a college level and will be equipped with strategies that will help him/her succeed in postsecondary education.



based on CCSS

Students will develop college level literacy by being able to:

-          read complex, college level texts and interact with the text as shown by annotations, ability to discuss or write about a text drawing on evidence, and analyze the parts of a text and the effects of these parts.

-          write at a college level using the conventions of standard English and with a deep understanding of audience, purpose, and task.

-          speak and listen with others in a respectful and thoughtful manner, taking in various viewpoints and be able to clarify, challenge, or verify what has been said as well as justify one’s own points.

-          communicate effectively both orally and in writing using academic vocabulary, proper syntax, conventions, and grammar.

-     3 points growth in ACT English and Reading, 1 point rubric growth on Writing

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