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US History


                               United States History

                  Syllabus 2016-2017

Course Objectives

Students will develop an understanding of U.S. History by examining the relationship between people and government in the context of geography, military conflicts, political institutions, and social movements. 


Students will examine the nature and perspectives of these conflicts and what they reveal about the story of American History by examining primary source documents connected to the people involved.


Students will improve their ACT Reading Comprehension scores by 2-3 points each interim assessment examination by applying various test taking strategies to the reading and analysis of curriculum aligned primary source documents.


Course Standards and Methodology

All expectations, objectives, and assessments correspond to the Common Core Reading History/Social Studies, Writing History/Social Studies, and the Speaking and Listening Standards.


Students will achieve course objectives by:

·       Creating and interpreting maps, graphs, and charts.

·       Demonstrating improved reading comprehension both verbally and in their own writing, as well as in their ability to critically evaluate primary sources and the perspectives they reveal.

·       Developing and improving reading and writing skills through homework assignments, essays, and projects.


Classroom Expectations

*Attendance and punctuality are mandatory. 

*Respect yourself and others at all times

*You will be expected to assess your achievement through unit tests and weekly scheduled quizzes. 

*Students are expected to be in class on time everyday.

*Students are expected to bring appropriate class materials EVERYDAY.


*Students are to have a notebook a folder and a penEVERYDAY!!

*Students are expected to keep all handouts, homework assignments, and in

class work in their folder until the end of each unit.

Homework Policy

*All homework must be completed independently by assigned due dates.

*Failure to complete homework assignments will result in after school and/or Saturday detentions, or even a parent conference

*Students are expected to approach the teacher about missed assignments, quizzes, and tests.

*It is not the teacher’s responsibility to chase down students to make up work.

*Mr. Ruby will be more than happy to discuss make-ups, within reason.

*Students may turn in late homework for less credit.


Grading Policy

*Student grades will be determined based on the following criteria:

·       Homework – 15%

·       Mastery: Assessments, Projects, Tests and Quizzes – 50%

·       Participation – 15% 

·       Standardized Test Improvement – 10%

·       Final Exam: 10%


Classroom Rules

*Students are expected to:

  1. Respect themselves and other students.
  2. Behave in a mature manner.
  3. Respect the directives of the teacher.

      4.   Be silent and attentive when the teacher is speaking


Academic Integrity

*It is extremely important to be honest and thorough in the completion of your homework, your writing, as well as citing and documenting any ideas or writing from other authors.




*Copying homework or plagiarizing someone else’s work in any writing assignment will automatically result in a meeting with your parents and the principle as well as a suspension per the CLHS discipline code.





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